Global Business Vordingborg (GBV) has existed for almost a year, and in that period of time the focus on internationalisation has increased massively in Vordingborg.

The purpose of GBV is to

  • exchange knowledge and experience within international business
  • nurture relations with foreign businesses and potential business partners
  • explore new markets
  • represent the municipality of Vordingborg

One of the biggest achievements so far has been the international event, Estonian Week in Denmark, hosted in May of this year. The event was the outcome of a visit to Estonia in the fall of 2015, where Global Business Vordingborg was represented for the first time.

Representatives from the steering committee of Global Business Vordingborg participated throughout all three eventful days in May, that have proven to be a great success. At the same time, it was the biggest event that Estonia has ever co-hosted in Denmark.
The outcome of the event is still an ongoing process. Some of the results of Estonian Week in Denmark are:

  • A joint venture between a Danish and an Estonian company. The joint venture business will be based in Denmark.
  • An agency agreement has been signed between a local Danish company and an Estonian manufacturer.

We are looking very much forward to unfolding these stories and many more.

Future initiatives

In cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network, The Trade Council and Vaeksthus Zealand, Business Vordingborg has initiated a new way to explore new markets. On October 4th we will gather five local manufacturers for a workshop. The point of this new method is to enhance exportation, by engaging companies much sooner in the process of uncovering new markets.

Beforehand, each of the companies will be interviewed and the collaborators will prepare information about relevant markets.

During the workshop, the companies will work together, discuss and analyse the different possibilities and decide which market to explore further.

The process will facilitate greater commitment from the participating companies, since they are involved at an earlier point in the process. Also, the manufacturers will get to know each other and may have the opportunity to cooperate regarding other aspects of their businesses. Lastly, the process will further the cooperation between The Trade Council, Enterprise Europe Network, Vaeksthus Zealand and Business Vordingborg.