Vordingborg Municipality is a good choice of location, if you are considering establishing a business in Denmark.

Easy access to great markets

With a location close to both railway and motorway, Copenhagen and Berlin are only few hours away. This gives your business access to great markets, both north and south.

The Port of Vordingborg is specifically designed to service haulage companies, which makes transport of freight and goods easy.

Good service

At Business Vordingborg, you get free guidance and advice on your opportunities when establishing a business in the municipality.

We help you to get in touch with the relevant authorities, e.g. with reference to building permits. Via our network and collaborators, you gain access to advisors within specific business areas relevant to the Danish market.

Attractive industrial sites – Business Park Vordingborg

We are in the process of establishing a new and attractive industrial site close to the South Motorway Exit 41, Business Park Vordingborg. The location is ideal because the transportation of goods both north and south is swift and easy. Property prices are within the lowest in Zealand and you can build new facilities customized for your business.

Costs are low

The level of tax and toll in Vordingborg Municipality are within the most business friendly in Denmark. The cost of doing business here is low, compared to other municipalities.

Capital investments

The construction of a new Storstrøm Bridge and the establishment of the Fahmarn Belt Tunnel will become a reality in the following years.

This will mean great potential of growth and development for business and an even better position in regards to market access, both north and south.

Qualified labour

In Vordingborg Municipality, businesses have great possibilities for recruiting the employees they need. There are a wide representation of both skilled and unskilled labour and good infrastructure makes it easy to attract employees from university cities, such as Roskilde and Copenhagen.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.