In Vordingborg Municipality we have both large businesses and SME’s in various industries.


Construction is the largest industry in Vordingborg Municipality: Every fourth business and workplace is found within this industry. This also means that a lot of companies have great expertise within the different sub-industries of construction.


The food industry is also an important industry, which is accountable for a large part of the private employment. The food industry primarily consists of small farms, but there are also several larger estates in the municipality, which enhances the average size of the industry.


The transport industry is the third largest industry in Vordingborg Municipality. We expect that it is an industry with great potential, because of the great connection via motorway and railway to the north and south, which makes doing business here very attractive. The upcoming Fehmarn Belt connection will further strengthen this tendency.


The industrial business makes up 13% of the private employment in Vordingborg Municipality. It is less than the average in Denmark, but our companies are large and have many employees.


There are approximately 180 companies who export in Vordingborg Municipality. Export opportunities are good, because of the great location of the municipality and the easy access to german and Scandinavian markets. The possibilities become even greater with the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel.


Approximately 120 businesses are established each year, mostly in the construction industry. This corresponds to an establishment rate of 6%. The potential for growth is great because of future investments that will be made in the area in the coming years, and because of the municipality’s focus on creating good conditions for business.

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