Do you consider starting your own company in Denmark?

At Vordingborg Erhverv, we have focus on entrepreneurs in Vordingborg Municipality, and we offer:

Guidance and competent feedback, free of charge

If you have a business idea, we can offer you guidance and competent feedback, free of charge. We can help you develop the business idea, write a business plan, draw up a budget and a sales and marketing plan.

Office space for six months, free of charge

Here at Vordingborg Erhverv, we can offer free office space for six months, if we evaluate that you have an idea that has future potential. In the period of six months, you can receive guidance and feedback from our consultants, who have great experience in how to develop and run a business.

After six months, you can move forward to Vækstfabrikken Vordingborg, which is an office community with space to competitive prices.

Inspiring entrepreneurial environments

An entrepreneurial environment is a professional and social community, where entrepreneurs can meet and help and inspire one another. At the same time, it is possible to get a mentor or participate in special workshops about how to develop and run a business.

In Vordingborg Municipality, we may have the most extensive network of entrepreneurs outside the university cities, and several of our entrepreneurial environments have focus on technology, innovative digital solutions and IT.

You are welcome to contact us for more information about the entrepreneurial environments and hear more about the benefits of being an entrepreneur in Vordingborg Municipality.

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