There are some very attractive industrial sites available for sale at Business Park Vordingborg, by Exit 41 on the South Motorway in Vordingborg Municipality.

The location and placement right by the motorway means that it is easy to transport goods to and from, and time spent on transport to both Copenhagen and Germany is short.

The railway and the Port of Vordingborg further enhances great infrastructure and widens the possibilities of transporting goods and cargo.

The industrial lots at Exit 41, Business Park Vordingborg, are becoming increasingly attractive in the following years, when the Fehmarn Belt connection is established. By then, Vordingborg will become a logistical nexus that connects Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Business Park Vordingborg provides a unique opportunity to influence the development of an industrial area, that will become a centre for business in the following years.

If you would like more information about the industrial slots at Exit 41, and other possible sites and leases, you are very welcome to contact us. Business Vordingborg provides you with free information and guidance.

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Vordingborg – a centre for commerce and exportation in Europe
Vordingborg Municipality is placed centrally in South Zealand with great connections to both Copenhagen and Berlin.

This, combined with attractive industrial sites and a municipal focus on business development, including a free business service, makes for good conditions when establishing a business here.

The future Fehmarn Belt connection will further strengthen the position of the municipality. The connection makes Vordingborg the nexus between Scandinavia and Europe, with all the opportunities it provides.