Vordingborg Municipality has a central location in Zealand with a short distance to Copenhagen in the north and Hamburg and Berlin to the south. The future establishment of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel makes the location of Vordingborg even more favourable, since transport time is reduced significantly between Denmark and Germany.

Thus, Vordingborg will become an important nexus between Europe and Scandinavia and is an obvious point for trade and export. By starting and doing business from here, businesses within all industries will become a part of an area great growth and development.

Vordingborg Municipality is in the process of establishing a new industrial area near the South Motorways exit 41, Business Park Vordingborg, with attractive industrial lots. The area will become a pivotal centre for growth in the coming years because of the benefits associated with the location:

Great location

Access is easy and quick to both Copenhagen, Berlin and Hamburg. Goods can easily be loaded and distributed to and from the south.

Strong infrastructure

The location close to the motorway makes it easy to transport goods to and from the municipality. The railway net is well extended with good connections to Copenhagen and Hamburg. In addition, the Port of Vordingborg is close to international waters.

Low prices

The prices of the industrial sites at Exit 41, Business Park Vordingborg, are among the lowest in Zealand. Businesses can save a lot of money by starting a business here as opposed to e.g. the capital.

Low costs

In Vordingborg Municipality taxes are reasonable and building taxes are zero.

Good service and a focus on business

At Business Vordingborg we are always ready to help Danish as well as foreign businesses with free guidance, sparring and information. In addition, we cooperate with Vordingborg Municipality for speedy case handling and tailored solutions.

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