The construction of a new Storstrøm Bridge will begin in 2018.

The new Storstrøm Bridge is a part of the general strengthening of infrastructure in Zealand where the railway is extended and the construction of a fixed link to Fehmarn will begin in 2017.

The Storstrøm Bridge connects Zealand and the island Falster, from thence the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel will connect Denmark and Germany. It is a substantial construction, which entails the demolition of buildings, construction of roads, digging, drainage and planting.

Both the construction of the Storstrøm Bridge and its infrastructural significance, when finished, makes Vordingborg Municipality a central area for growth and development for business. It will increase employment and the location of the municipality in South Zealand makes it an attractive place to do business – with easy access to the rest of Scandinavia in the north and to the south via the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel.

The Danish Road Directorate is responsible for the construction of the Storstrøm Bridge. The Danish Road Directorate is part of the Danish ministry of Transport and is responsible for state roads and bridges in Denmark. The Danish Road Directorate offer the construction projects in competitive bidding and private suppliers and developers execute the work.

If you want to know more about the Storstrøm Bridge and the possibilities of doing business in Vordingborg Municipality, please contact Business Vordingborg.

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Facts about the Storstrøm Bridge
  • ca. 4 kilometres in length
  • ca. 24 metres in width
  • Twin-tracked railway
  • Twin-tracked road Combined pedestrian- and cycle path
  • Cost: DKK 4.2 billion
  • EU-funding: DKK 112 million
  • Expected finished in 2024