If you wish to profit from the advantages of doing business in Vordingborg – among other things easy and quick access to great markets in both Scandinavia and Europe – it is easily initiated.

In Denmark it is quick and easy to register your business. It is done online, and often it only takes a few hours to get started.

Furthermore, here we have some of the best conditions for business worldwide. According to World Bank’s latest report Doing Business from 2015, Denmark is the best place to do business in Europe. Worldwide Denmark comes in at number four, only exceeded by Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Amongst others, this is attributable to:

  • Access to skilled labour
  • A flexible labour market with minimal cost for business.
  • Stabile economic and political affairs
  • Well functioning public authorities with a high level of service
  • Beneficial taxes

If you want to know more about establishing a business in Denmark and the possibilities in Vordingborg Municipality, you can read more here on our website and contact us. We are at your disposal for free guidance and information.

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Vordingborg Municipality - an obvious choice
If you are considering establishing a business in Denmark, there are many reasons why Vordingborg Municipality is an obvious choice:

Good infrastructure
A well-established railway net, great connections via motorway and a functional port, makes it easy to transport goods and cargo.

Easy access to great markets

The unique location of the municipality of Vordingborg and the short distance both to the north and south, opens up for new markets in Scandinavia and Europe.

Great service

Business Vordingborg offers free guidance and sparring to danish and foreign businesses, who are considering an establishment in the municipality. We have a large network and can refer you the relevant authorities and potential collaborators.

Costs are low

The municipality of Vordingborg belongs in the top most business-minded municipalities in Denmark, with low taxes and tolls and low prices on industrial sites.