Tax laws in Denmark are particularly beneficial. According to World Banks Doing Business report from 2015, Denmark is the best place to do business in Europe, and the country comes in fourth on a global level. This is partially due to taxations.

If your headquarter is placed in Denmark with branches in other countries, you are not required to pay taxes of the income of other branches, this in contrast to taxation laws in other countries. Hence, you avoid double taxation. This is not the case e.g. in Sweden and Norway – it is possible to apply for exemption from double taxation, but it is difficult and can lead to other negative consequences in matters of taxation. Thus, it is beneficial to register a business in Denmark and expand from here with branches in other countries.

Furthermore, corporate taxes are low: Only 23.5 % and in 2016 it will be lowered further to a mere 22 %. In reference to this, it is worth mentioning that operation costs are tax-deductible. This meaning that the actual tax rate is even lower.

As opposed to many other countries, employers are not required to pay social contributions in addition to salaries.

Vordingborg Municipality – low costs and high service

In Vordingborg Municipality there are good conditions for businesses. The local tax rate is reasonable compared to other municipalities, and unlike other municipalities building taxes are non-existing in Vordingborg. Furthermore, there are many desirable industial lots for sale at good prices and Business Vordingborg provides you with free business service.

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