The placement of Vordingborg Municipality in the southern part of Zealand makes it a central area for growth and development for both Danish and foreign businesses.

The distance to both Copenhagen and Germany is short, and there are great motorway- and railway connections in both directions. The Port of Vordingborg is close to international waters via the Great Belt and the Baltic Sea, and is designed for transporting both bulk and freight goods.

The extended infrastructure makes transport of goods easy and flexible, making Vordingborg Municipality the entrance to great markets in both Scandinavia and Europe.

Vordingborg Municipality offers:

Growth opportunities

The position of Vordingborg Municipality as a central business centre will be enforced in coming years, due to future capital investments. Infrastructure will become even better and the construction of the new Storstrøm Bridge and the Fehmarn Belt connection will create lots of jobs and growth opportunities for local business.

Attractive industrial sites

At the moment there are industrial lots for sale at Exit 41, near by the South Motorway. Here it is possible to build new facilities accustomed to the needs of the individual business. Read more about Business Park Vordingborg.

High level of service

Business Vordingborg offers sparring and guidance, free of charge, for both Danish and foreign businesses, that wish to have a business in our municipality. We provide you with knowledge about anything related to business, and we co-operate with local authorities to give our businesses a quick process with tailored solutions.

International network – Global Business Vordingborg

Global Business Vordingborg is an international network with the main purpose to strengthen the knowledge of how to run a business in Denmark and expand the relations between Danish and foreign companies. Read more about Global Business Vordingborg

Low costs

It is inexpensive to do business in Vordingborg Municipality: Low prices on industrial sites, zero building tax and a reasonable tax rate reduces costs remarkably, compared to other municipalities.

Qualified Labour

Businesses in Vordingborg Municipality have a good range of both skilled and unskilled labour, and good motorway- and railway connections make it easy for employees to commute from other areas in Denmark. Therefore, it is easy to recruit the employees you need.

The municipality

Vordingborg Municipality is known for its beautiful nature and focus on cultural events, e.g. an annual music festival and theatre festivals. Also, the great motorway- and railway connections make it easy to travel to Copenhagen and experience cultural sites and events of the capitol.

Business is widely made up of both small and larger companies within all industries.

See our video about doing business in Vordingborg Municipality and contact us for more information.

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