Vordingborg Municipality is an international centre due to its great location and good infrastructure in relation to big markets in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Because of that, we are very internationally oriented. Through our international network – Global Business Vordingborg – we work on creating contacts between Danish and foreign companies.

If you have a company and are interested in knowing more about how you can enter the Danish market, or are interested in cooperating with a Danish partner – then you are very welcome to contact us.

What is Global Business Vordingborg?

Global Business Vordingborg is an international network comprised of experienced business managers from different industries and companies, who have international contacts and experience with exports from for instance the USA and Europe.

The purpose of Global Business Vordingborg is to:

  • Exchange experiences and knowledge among international companies
  • Strengthen the relations between Danish and foreign companies
  • Creating ground for export and trade in new markets

Global Business Vordingborg – What have we achieved?

In only one year, Global Business Vordingborg has managed to create good business relations between Danish and Estonian companies.

It started with a delegation visit in Estonia in the autumn of 2015. It opened for a big event in Vordingborg in May 2016 – Estonian Week in Denmark – where the Estonian Minister of Trade and Industry, the ambassador and representatives from 23 Estonian companies participated.

An important part of the 3-day agenda was the meetings between the Estonian companies and representatives from Danish companies. There were intense conversations regarding opportunities for cooperation.

Estonian Week in Denmark has created the foundation for future cooperation between Danish and Estonian companies. So far it has resulted in a cooperative agreement between a Danish and an Estonian company.

Global Business Vordingborg has continuously a lot of plans regarding how international relations and opportunities for cooperation should develop and strengthen. Are you interested in knowing more about the network and what we can do for you and your company, you are very welcome to contact us.

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